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BOOKS BY ERNEST HEMINGWAY. The Complete Short Stories. The Garden of Eden. Dateline: Toronto. The Dangerous Summer. Selected Letters.
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Written in , "A Room on the Garden Side" centers on Robert, a soldier who goes by the nickname of "Papa" — which was the author's nickname, by the way — who spends his last night in Paris drinking with his fellow servicemen at the Ritz Hotel, before shipping out for the front the next morning. I'm sure the author would insist it's not autobiographical, but come on, Hemingway. The Sun also Rises opens on the fictionalized versions of Hemingway and his cohort in Paris before following them to Pamplona for the running of the bulls.

Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce, and many other writers who defined the work of the era. In that letter, Hemingway told Scribner, "I suppose [the stories] are a little shocking since they deal with irregular troops and combat and with people who actually kill people Indeed, as he wished, the story is coming out long after the author's death.

When divorced from the work product out of which they arose, the stories themselves remain sparkling and sure-footed. What she is going through is called being in labor.


The baby wants to be born and she wants it to be born. All her muscles are trying to get the baby born. This book may have set out to prove that Hemingway had to work to make a story sing, but it has the opposite effect: We are grateful for his stories in their final, completed forms. Already a subscriber? This website uses cookies to improve functionality and performance.

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"Indian Camp" by Ernest Hemingway (read by Tom O'Bedlam)

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